Practicing Guitar is an Art

learning how to play guitarAnyone can grab a guitar and randomly strum the strings and play muted notes like a trained monkey.  But to actually learn the guitar skills you need to play something recognizable you might want to try something a little different.  The first thing I determined when I began trying to play guitar was that without regular intentional practice involving specific playing techniques, you can throw any chance of being good at guitar goodbye.

Don’t worry though, I have figured all of this out so that you don’t have to. Stick with me and you will be playing your favorite guitar songs in no time at all.  Ok, maybe it will take SOME time but not much really.  Can you commit 10-15 minutes a 2-3 times a day?  You see the first thing to know about practicing is that practice does make perfect but the duration of practice is less important than you may think.  The way the human memory muscle tends to work in these matters is that it learns through repetition but not just any repetition.  Practice one concept for 10 to 15 minutes so that you can remember and execute it well at a slow pace.  Then come back an hour or two later to review the concept again.  Each time you revisit a concept on your guitar, make it a little longer since you last practiced it.  This way you test the boundaries of your muscle memory and your skill at remembering the notes and techniques that you have been rehearsing.

So if you are looking for the best place to get guitar lessons I would not start with a free video site because you will quickly become distracted by the many options available, most of which are very low quality.  However, there is a resource where you might find the best guitar lessons online.  If you are interested in learning with the best technique possible you should definitely go there and see what kinds of lessons are available.

Here’s a quick 30 minute practice that you can do to keep honing your skills.

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